Grain of the Voice

Ivor Paints Arf Arf
Ivor Paints Arf Arf

50 Years of Sound and Image by Arthur and Corinne Cantrill

Spanning fifty years, the work of the Cantrills examines people, societies and landscapes. This retrospective emphasises the many voices that are heard in their films.

Curated by Jake Wilson.

Read Jake's essay Voice of the Grain: Films By Arthur and Corinne Cantrill here.

Sunday 10 October - Sunday 31 October 2010
Full $14 Concession $11 ACMI Member $10

Voices of Others

Short works focused on the voices of many cultures - German, Indigenous Australian and Balinese.

Terra Australis

The Australian landscape is neither empty nor silent - even when human beings are nowhere in sight.

Voices of Artists

The Cantrills have collaborated across many media, from printmaking to mime, poetry to sound art.

Harry Hooton: The Outsider Poet

The Cantrills' first poetically-inspired feature screens with five closely related shorter works.

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