John Cassavetes, 131 mins, USA, 1968, 35mm, B&W. Courtesy: British Film Institute/Faces Distribution

Adapted from a stage play, Faces depicts the unmasking of American society in the mid-1960s, filtered through the breakdown of a typical middle class marriage.

Dissatisfied with his output as an actor-for-hire, Cassavetes returned to personal filmmaking with this gem and continued his assault on the conventions of the Hollywood aesthetic.

Taking six months to shoot and a phenomenal three years of post-production, Faces is considered by many as his masterpiece.

Imported print. "The sort of film that makes you want to grab people by the neck, drag them into the theatre and shout: 'Here!'" Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

Dates   Sat 17 May 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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