too late blues

Unclassified 18+
John Cassavetes, 103 mins, USA, 1961, 35mm. Courtesy: Stadtkino Wien/Hollywood Classics

too late blues
Too Late Blues
After the independently produced Shadows, Cassavetes' foray into studio filmmaking surprisingly stars crooner Bobby Darin as a struggling jazz pianist fighting to maintain his integrity in the cut-throat world of the music business.

As an actor, Cassavetes was more than familiar with the studio style, but as a director he initially deemed this project to be a failure.

With hindsight, Too Late Blues is now considered one of the more impressive films made about the jazz scene and is a worthy inclusion in the director's filmography.

Imported print (with German subtitles).

Dates   Fri 16 May 2008, 9pm
(Also screens Fri 23 May, 10pm as part of Freaky Fridays)
No Longer Available
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