John Cassavetes, 82 mins, USA, 1959, 35mm, B&W. Courtesy: British Film Institute/Faces Distribution

Cassavetes' seminal, directorial debut centres on three African-American siblings grappling with love and angst in the jazz-soaked, beat-infused streets of 1950s New York.

The use of largely non-professional actors and seemingly improvised dialogue (the film was, in fact, almost entirely scripted), set the blueprint for future Cassavetes masterworks.

In its analysis of love - and the lack of it - Shadows explores a theme that Cassavetes returns to throughout his film career.

Imported print. "Arguably the founding work of the American independent cinema" J. Hoberman, Village Voice

Dates   Fri 16 May 2008, 7pm
No Longer Available
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