Cinema Fiasco present Voyage of the Rock Aliens

James Fargo, 96 mins, USA, 1984, DVCAM Source: Park Circus.

Voyage of the Rock Aliens
Voyage of the Rock Aliens
Geoff Wallis and Janet A. McLeod love bad movies - and they love to talk about them.

Accompanied by Janet and Geoff's wonderfully eccentric live commentary, this screening of the rockin' cult classic Voyage of the Rock Aliens will be a hilarious and unique film-going experience.

The film blends teenage romance with sci-fi action and features a guitar-shaped spaceship, a group of intergalactic aliens, absurd musical numbers, a chainsaw-wielding homicidal maniac, a high school rock band called The Pack and even a real life Jackson brother.

This intergalactic musical romp is the eighties at their awful best - just the way Cinema Fiasco like it. And with their expansive knowledge of bad movie trivia and penchant for old jokes, bad puns and bitchy banter, Geoff and Janet will ensure that you too will appreciate the film's dodgy dialogue, outrageous performances and over-the-top 1980s space rock soundtrack.

Dates   Fri 11 Oct 2013, 7.30pm
    No Longer Available
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