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Andrei Roublev

Tarkovsky's masterpiece, based on the life of the medieval monk and painter of Russian icons.

The Colour of Pomegranates

A mystical and historical mosaic of the life of the 18th century Armenian troubadour Sayat Nova.


A character study of a former female fighter pilot settling down to life as a school principal.

The Steamroller and the Violin

In his first extended work, Tarkovsky provides a blueprint for the poetic and textured work to come.

Asya's Happiness

A farm collective battle poverty and disorder in this exquisitely-shot portrait of rural life.

The Commissar

A female Red Army fighter falls pregnant and chooses motherhood over revolutionary responsibilities.


A murderer's son is pushed to violence by fearful memories of his childhood.

Until They Get Me

A brawny woodsman is pursued by a Mountie after he kills a man in self-defence.

Frank Borzage, Director

Chronicles the life and career of Frank Borzage, one of Hollywood's great directors.

History is Made at Night

This romantic concoction concerns a triangle between a divorcee, her husband and her Parisian lover.


This tale of adversity focuses on an aimless wanderer and the various paths his life takes.

Street Angel

Borzage's lavishly-produced landmark remains a late silent classic.

The Mortal Storm

Frank Borzage's most emblematic film delivers a detailed and passionate condemnation of Nazism.

A Grin Without a Cat

This potent analysis tells the story of the Left from 1967, through May 1968 into the late 1970s.

À bientôt, j'espère

A documentary exploring class consciousness and organised rebellion in 1967 France.

Letter From Siberia

A playful and often humorous essay on the dialectics of sound and image and writing and voice.

If I Had Four Camels

A meditation on the function and nature of photography.

Description of a Struggle

Marker explores the complex identity of the then-recently formed state of Israel.


Marker's signature work emerges as a dialectical and philosophical tour de force.

Border Crossings

This collection of shorts made by Chris Marker demonstrates the range of his philosophical work.

Australia Has No Winter + Winter's Harvest

Two documentaries bearing witness to what is promised and what is lost in the migrant's odyssey.

Floating Life

Clara Law's visually assured and moving drama about a Hong Kong family's settlement in Australia.

Underworld USA

Typically terse, brutal and visually eye-popping crime melodrama featuring Cliff Robertson.

Pickup on South Street

Richard Widmark stars in this tough and brutal anti-communist film noir.


A post-war affair begins between an American G.I. stationed in Germany and a German woman.

Shock Corridor + House of Bamboo

An ambitious journalist admits himself to a psychiatric hospital in order to investigate a murder.

White Dog + Falkenau, The Impossible + The Steel Helmet

A triple feature exploring the career of Sam Fuller, from his big break to his last Hollywood film.

Agatha et les lectures illimitées + Destroy, She Said

A haunting meditation on the relationship between humanity and its geographic surroundings.

India Song + Les Enfants

Set in 1930s Calcutta, this haunting film represents 1970s postmodern cinema at its finest.

The Machine That Kills Bad People + Germany Year Zero + L'amore

A Rossellini triple-bill featuring the unusual and rarely screened Machine That Kills Bad People.

Voyage in Italy + Paisà

The eight-year marriage of an English couple unravels as they journey by car through rural Italy.

Rome, Open City + Stromboli

Rossellini's tale of Nazi-occupied Rome is a key work in Italian film history.

Identification Marks: None + Walkover + Barrier

Three films, including his first feature, comprise Jerzy Skolimowski's 'generation trilogy'.

Moonlighting + Hands Up!

An introspective story of exile screens with Skolimowski's once-banned anti-Stalinist psycho-drama.

Four Nights with Anna + Deep End

Two features from Jerzy Skolimowski explore themes of obsessive love and adolescent fantasy.

work in progress + innisfree

Guerin chronicles the effects of a new apartment block in Barcelona, and presents a cinephilic journey through the locales of Ford's The Quiet Man.

in the city of sylvia + some photos + tren de sombras

Guerín's elegantly crafted and quietly symphonic work presents a finely tuned meditation on looking and longing as an artistic young man.

pistol opera + i, the executioner

Makiko Esumi is a beautiful assassin fighting ever-more exotic foes, and Makoto Satô is a revenge-driven killer, in two highly stylised pulp fictions.

black river + the sun's burial

Two bleak visions of post-WWII Japan, a society gripped by social and political dissatisfaction, from noir masters Masaki Kobayashi and Nagisa Oshima.

violent cop + pale flower

Takeshi Kitano's directorial debut screens with Masahiro Shinoda's classic '64 portrait of the young, hip Tokyo crime set.

zabriskie point + the state of things

Antonioni investigates late '60s American materialism and Wim Wenders investigates his own profession.

chicago + thunderbolt

A rare opportunity to see the original screen version of the classic true crime story, screening with Josef von Sternberg's first talkie!

haxan: witchcraft through the ages + the master of the house

Two examples of early 20th Century Danish feminism? Benjamin Christensen's bizarre witches' romp screens with Carl Dreyer's study of a man divorced.

the lovers (les amants) + le feu follet

Malle's international breakthrough came with this sexually frank film, establishing also his interest in conflicted passions.

lift to the scaffold (ascenseur pour l'échafaud) + lacombe, lucien

Beginning a survey of the films of French director Louis Malle, his suspenseful debut feature screens with the acclaimed 1974 wartime drama.

au revoir les enfants + zazie dans le metro

Malle's reflection on the Holocaust through the eyes of two boys is widely considered to be the crowning achievement of his career.

journey to the back of beyond + building national unity

A program dedicated to the films of John Heyer, widely considered to be the most influential figure in Australian documentary history.

shop around the corner + erotikon

Ernst Lubitsch's bittersweet and beautifully paced romantic comedy screens with the classic that created a new subgenre of comedy.

artists on film

Exploring the relationship between cinema and other artistic practice, this night of films includes experimental works from the '30s to the '70s.

smiles of a summer night + winter light

The film that took Bergman to the world screens with the second in his trilogy on faith. Plus a short about Bergman's cinematographer Sven Nykvist.

fanny and alexander

Considered the crowning achievement of Bergman's career, this intimate, autobiographical work acts as an extraordinary summary of his key themes.

the seventh seal + the silence

Two of the director's most influential works, both marked by extraordinarily powerful imagery. Screen with a '68 parody of Bergman's best-known films.

imagining india

Spiritual and physical colonisation is explored in these tense and dramatic films. Screening with Paul Cox's 1970 documentary Calcutta.


Two key roles for the face of the French New Wave, Jean-Paul Belmondo.

bigger than life + some came running

James Mason and Frank Sinatra play men who, via war and illness, struggle with '50s middle-class America in these dramatic films from the period.