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Worship at the temple of cult cinema every Friday at 10pm.

Featuring the enigmatic, the anti-establishment, the quirky and movies so outrageously wrong they're right! Meet your friends at the ACMI Lounge before revelling in our cult picks - and watch for bonus shorts screenings!

Curated by Roberta Ciabarra.

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The Holy Mountain

Jodorowsky directs and stars as the Alchemist in this psychedelically-propelled quest narrative.

El Topo

This cult Mex-western by Alejandro Jodorowsky kicked off the 1970s midnight movie craze.

Drugstore Cowboy

Director Gus Van Sant's 1989 break-out hit, featuring Matt Dillon and Beat icon William Burroughs.

My Own Private Idaho

River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves star as street hustlers in Gus Van Sant's 1991 indie classic.

The Tingler

Vincent Price battles a fear-inducing parasite in William Castle's legendary horror film.


Screen queen Joan Crawford stars as an axe-wielding maniac in this 1964 chiller thriller.


Michael Crichton's 1973 sci-fi fantasy western stars Yul Brynner as menacing robot gunslinger.

Dead Kids aka Strange Behavior

Creepy 1981 sci-fi splatter-fest co-starring Michael Murphy and Louise Fletcher.

Turkey Shoot

The notorious 1982 high-camp splatter flick from veteran 'Ozploitation' producer Anthony I. Ginnane.


Oz vampire horror from 1979 starring David Hemmings and Chantal Contouri.


Four actors head to the woods to write a screenplay in the latest feature from Jay and Mark Duplass.

The Puffy Chair

The Sundance-acclaimed debut feature from Jay and Mark Duplass (the 'Coens of Mumblecore').

Tomorrow's Children + Reefer Madness

Cult U.S. propaganda films from the 1930s. Too tired to think? Let the State do it for you!

Marihuana, the Devil's Weed + Sex Madness

Tales of moral and social ruin from the Ed Wood of '30s exploitation flicks.

Executive Koala

Mr Tamura is a Japanese salaryman who just happens to be a koala.

The Ordeal (Calvaire)

On his way to a gig, handsome, affable cabaret singer Marc Stevens' car breaks down - in the dark, in the rain, in the Belgian backwoods (uh-oh!)


When supermodel Derek Zoolander's (Ben Stiller) Model of the Year crown is nabbed by newcomer Hansel (Owen Wilson), Derek completely loses his mojo.

Synchromysticism and the Decoding of Mainstream Hollywood Cinema

Jay Katz of Sydney's Mu-Meson Archives, presents a pastiche of film excerpts mashed up by today's most prominent advocates of Synchromysticism.

The Ghost (Lo Spettro)

Veteran craftsman Riccardo Freda kicked off the Italian gothic horror cycle with I Vampiri, then delivered this moody little fright-fest in 1963.


A landmark film from the New American Cinema movement of the early '70s, John Boorman's Southern Gothic thriller still has the power to shock.

The Brain Eaters + The Mole People

Slimy alien parasites terror-bent on destroying the world infiltrate small town America! Underground albino creatures keep humans as slaves!

Cat Women of the Moon + Devil Girl from Mars

Astronauts get chummy with a kittenish band of suspiciously beatnik moon maidens! 

Phil Tucker double feature: Cape Canaveral Monsters + Robot Monster

Classics from space thriller maestro Phil Tucker - thrill to the gorilla in the diving helmet! Chill to the coolest villains ever put on celluloid!

Flesh Gordon

This pop porn parody of the '30s Flash Gordon movie serial camps it up and gets its kit off at every opportunity - phallic spaceships awaaaay!

An American Werewolf in London

Inspired as much by Lon Chaney as Abbot & Costello, the cult status of John Landis' 1981 comedy horror has lost none of its currency.

Southland Tales

A mind pretzel satire about an alternate 'future' that imagines life in the U.S. in the aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Tank Girl

Tank Girl employs live action, animation and CGI to re-create a kick-ass comic strip aesthetic for the big screen.

The Last Laugh (der Letzte Mann)

Director F.W. Murnau and lead actor Emil Jannings were both offered Hollywood contracts on the strength of Murnau's beguiling 1924 silent film.


If you like a little sex with your sci-fi, gene-splicing-gone-wrong subtext notwithstanding, then this is the alien genre picture for you.


Cronenberg set new standards of 'ewww' with this story of lab-engineered parasites turning occupants of an apartment block into very horny zombies.

Adventures of Power

This oddball feature debut from Ari Gold follows an air-drumming mine worker from New Mexico, who is given the chance to air-drum his way to glory.


This lively Elvis vehicle has the Pres posing as a waterski instructor to try his luck at wooing the oblivious and lovely Shelley Fabares.

Zombie Strippers

Covert government agency lets loose deadly chemo-virus, Nietzsche-loving pole dancer contracts said virus, mutates into super zombie, becomes a star.