Melbourne Cinémathèque

Dedicated to screening rare and significant films from the history of international cinema.

Entry to sessions is available to pass-holders only:
Mini Membership (3 consecutive nights) > Full $27 Concession/ACMI Member $22
Annual Membership (Standard) > Full $145 Concession/ACMI Member $125
Annual Membership (Friends of Cinémathèque) > Full $245 Concession/ACMI Member $225

Curated by the Melbourne Cinémathèque

May be subject to variation. Additional charges apply to some events. All films are unclassified 18+ unless otherwise indicated. Pass may not guarantee admission. Presented by Melbourne Cinémathèque and ACMI.

Phantoms of Liberty: The Cinema of Luis Buñuel

The Phantom of Liberty (Le fantôme de la liberté)

Buñuel's audacious and ingenious film is constructed as a series of casually linked surreal vignettes.

L'âge d'or + Simon of the Desert

Buñuel's film maudit, co-written by Salvador Dali, set out to attack social order and religion through its blasphemous images.

Buster Keaton

Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Superbly inventive, Keaton's final independent film contains several of the most extraordinary set-pieces of his career.

The General

Legendary comedy set during the Civil War with Buster as a rail engineer whose train, 'The General', is stolen by Union soldiers.

Remembering War: Stories from the Left Bank

Hiroshima mon amour

Alain Resnais' remarkable first feature is as cinematically and temporally revolutionary as Orson Welles' 'Citizen Kane'.

Far from Vietnam (Loin du vietnam)

This enraged and complex response to the Vietnam War is a work of solidarity with the North Vietnamese people and their cause.

Experimental Lands

Bruce Baillie

Includes Baillie's 'To Parsifal' (1963), 'Castro Street' (1966), 'All My Life' (1966), and 'Mass for the Dakota Sioux' (1964).

Pat O'Neill

This program of films includes a number of early important works: '7362' (1967), 'Easyout' (1971) and 'Sidewinder's Delta' (1976).

Running Fence

Tracing the construction of a 40-km long white nylon fence, this is one of the great portraits of the dedicated artist at work.

Cries and Whispers: Liv Ullmann's Intimate Cinema


A haunting, bracingly forensic and astonishingly performed examination of the merging of two incompatible personalities.

Faithless (Trolosa)

A rich glimpse into the heart and mind of an ageing director who conjures up an ex-lover from his lonely imagination.

Shame (Skammen)

An isolated couple struggles for survival and intimacy in an environment ravaged by war in one of Bergman's career masterpieces.


Unflinching and intensely studied, this portrait of old age rounds out Bergman and Ullmann's extraordinary collaboration.

Private Confessions (Enskilda samtal)

Based on Bergman's book, this spiritual confession explores the complexity of emotions concerning the fidelity of the soul.

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