fritz lang: german cinema


still from the testament of dr mabuse
Image: The Testament of Dr Mabuse

Sequel to Lang's Dr Mabuse The Gambler (1922), a decade later The Testament of Dr Mabuse sees Rudolf Klein-Rogge revive his role as the mad doctor, possessing asylum director Oskar Beregi in order to carry out his evil designs for total destruction. Fritz Arno Wagner's searing cinematography and Lang's masterly use of sound create a haunting atmosphere of persecution.

In The Woman in the Moon (1929) a rocket financed by industrialists is built with the aim of mining gold from the moon. Quasi-documentar in its style, the vibrant luminosity of Lang's lunar landscape makes this a high successful comic-strip fantasy of space flight.

Dates   Wednesday 2 June 2004, 7pm
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