Cinemix: Nick Huggins Plays I Am Eleven

Genevieve Bailey, 94 mins, Australia, 2011, HDCam. Source: Proud Mother Pictures.

I Am Eleven
I Am Eleven
Co-presented with Melbourne Music Week

Last year, Two Bright Lakes founder Nick Huggins lent his singular musical talents to a documentary called I Am Eleven. The work of Melbourne-based filmmaker Genevieve Bailey, the documentary features interviews with 11-year-olds from 15 different countries, from America to Morocco, and Thailand to Australia.

From rich to poor, and insider to outsider, Bailey's film weaves a deeply affecting portrait of what it means to sit at this most transitional of ages.

I Am Eleven has since gone on to garner accolades and awards the world over, including the People's Choice Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

For one night only, Nick Huggins and his band will be recreating his achingly beautiful soundtrack for I Am Eleven live on stage. Gentle but piercingly insightful, like the film itself, it will be a unique accompaniment to this funny, sweet and knowing meditation on the things about growing up that bind us together, and those that tear us apart.

Join us for a post film Q&A with composer Nick Huggins and Director Genevieve Bailey as we explore the film, the score and the inspirations.


Thu 22 Nov 2012, 7pm + Q&A

    No Longer Available
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