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Titles from the collection can be borrowed by existing Collection Access Cardholders until the expiry of their current membership when lending of materials will cease.

Visitors to ACMI are able to access the widest range of collection materials in the Australian Mediatheque, our on-site resource centre, operating 7 days a week in collaboration with the National Film and Sound Archive and a range of other content partners.

Booking Titles

Collection Access Cardholders can make bookings by mail, fax, email or by using the online catalogue. Bookings made by phone are restricted to two bookings per call.

Regional members, schools and organisations can book up to six titles per fortnight. Schools and organisations in metropolitan Melbourne can book up to four titles per week (schools special membership can book up to eight titles per week).

When booking 16mm films from the collection please allow 10 working days notice.

Library Network System

Access is provided via a courier system to a network of public libraries across Victoria. This service is only available to existing Collection Access Cardholders. New memberships for access to the collection via this means are now closed.

Simply nominate a public library in our network on the access form and this will become the default location for all your bookings to be collected and returned. 

Each library has its own travel time that is allowed for either side of your booking period, which varies depending on the location.

When you collect and return your bookings at your local library you will be asked to sign a 'Loans Record Sheet' with the date collected or returned, your name and signature. This helps safeguard you against late fines ($5 per day per item).

Find Your Local Library

Conditions of Loan

Title availability

ACMI reserves the right to withdraw any film, video, CD-ROM or DVD from any booking or from circulation, without notice.

Ample travel time will be allowed for orders but ACMI cannot be held responsible for any non-delivery of bookings due to circumstances beyond our control.

Late returns

Late returns of films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs will incur a fine of $5 per day per item. Access rights will be suspended until any outstanding fines are paid.

To avoid late fines, loans can be extended twice after the original loan period for up to 7 days by contacting ACMI by fax, email or telephone before the due date.


We encourage all Collection Access Cardholders to learn how to care for film and other formats, to help ensure that titles remain available for others to enjoy. Collection Access Cardholders are liable for the replacement cost of damaged, lost or stolen films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs. Notification of damaged, lost or stolen items must be made to collections staff.

16mm films

With the exception of titles not screened, films must be returned un-rewound, that is, tail out. They must be returned on the correct sized plastic reels and in the correct cans. Those accessing these formats will require plastic reels in 400', 800', 1200', 1600', 2000', 2200' sizes.

Please note that we do not accept films returned on metal reels.


All videos must also be returned un-rewound, as taking the time to rewind a VHS tape before viewing warms up your VCR and helps prevent tape damage.


CD-ROM must be returned in their plastic envelope.

DVDs can be rendered unusable by the slightest damage, so please take the time to read the following tips.

DVDs can be rendered unusable by the slightest damage, so please take the time to read the following tips.
  • Never remove the disc by prying its outer edges
  • Bending the disc can damage the material stored on it
  • Always store the disc in its protective case when not in use
  • Keep the disc away from direct sun or heat
  • If you must, clean disc with a damp, lint free non-abrasive cloth
  • DO NOT use circular motions when cleaning
  • Wipe disc using straight motions from the inside hole to the outer edge
  • DO NOT use harsh cleaning agents.

Damaged titles

Collection Access Cardholders are liable for the replacement cost of damaged, lost or stolen films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs.

Return freight

Return freight must be prepaid by the Collection Access Cardholder if despatching other than through the library network system.

Items booked must be returned to the library from where it was collected in the packing box supplied.


ACMI recognises and supports the rights of copyright holders. All 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs accessed from the collection are copyrighted. All titles are lent on the basis that they are for private home/domestic use or for educational use in an educational setting.

Unless prior written consent has been obtained from the copyright holder, it is an offence to:

  • Publicly screen 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs.
  • Derive profit from screenings.
  • Use 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs for any commercial purpose.
  • Exhibit 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs in commercial cinemas.
  • Transmit 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs by electronic means, such as television, closed circuit, cable or any other electronic means, present or future of any kind.
  • Reproduce 16mm films, videos, CD-ROM and DVDs as a whole or in part, by videotape, videodisc, or any other format whatsoever.
  • The restrictions listed above apply to the 16mm film, video, CD-ROM and DVD as a whole or in part, and include, but are not limited to, the soundtrack and visuals within the 16mm film, video, CD-ROM and DVD.
  • Collection Access Cardholders who have been granted specific rights to use titles for any of the above purposes need to supply collections with a copy of documentation to this effect.
  • Direct charges for admittance to screenings of collection material are not permitted. 
  • In any public announcement concerning a screening of films supplied by the collection, the source of the films should always be acknowledged.
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