Three people filming a vast rural landscape
  • What is ACMI in the Regions?

    ACMI seeks opportunities to bring a quality experience of the moving image arts  to regional Victoria through its ACMI in the Regions programs.  For those prevented by distance from engaging with our programs we take teams on the road to work with local communities and inspire regional storytelling through the moving image.


    What is the Memory and Place project?

    One of the centrepieces of  ACMI in the Regions is the Memory and Place project. For over 9 years, with the assistance of various funding bodies we have worked with communities to create a series of documentaries about towns across Victoria as part of the Memory and Place project. We then return to those areas for premiere screenings in cinemas, pubs, football fields, life saving clubhouses, art galleries, town halls and pubs - wherever the local community gathers.

    The Memory and Place (MAP) project is designed to allow diverse communities across Victoria to represent themselves with their own unique voices.  It uses oral history to celebrate community, memory and place and encourages people to tell the stories that capture a sense of the uniqueness of their town.

    The project aims to encourage regional story-telling on-screen and to equip local participants with the knowledge, confidence and skills to practice – long into the future - the art and craft of the moving image. We adopt a community cultural development approach to our work in regional areas. Actively engaging local residents in the concept development and film production, we facilitate participation that helps people to document their histories and capture their own stories – to express and explore on-screen why they live and work and play in the towns they call home.

    It is a project about heart as much as art as it aims to put a stake in the ground to say this is what is important about this place, here and now, as we make our communal memories and speak to aspects of Australian identity.

    As a document of contemporary life animated by personal stories and remembrances these films contribute to a collective memory of Victoria through the moving image.  They are not only an important legacy for the towns, they contribute to our social heritage and are available for all visitors local, national and international to view at ACMI. 


    What are the Stories About?

    Celebrating the wonderful diversity of life in the regions we have produced films on the Ouyen taxi driver, the Caramut football club, the Castlemaine Theatre Royal, the Bilyana Rythym and Life festival, the Natimuk rock climbers, Yackandandah musicians, the king of Maldon, the Eldorado Museum, the Marlo paddle steamer, the Jamieson primary school, the Horsham greyhounds, beekeepers of Beechworth, the ladies of Loch, the volunteers of Mirboo North, Birchip’s country and western star, alternative lifestyles of Mt Best, the female surfers of Inverloch, the Yambuk slide, indigenous life in Lake Tyers just to name a few.

    Each of these films capture a sense of place and belonging, of individual achievement and community pride as they showcase the unique people and special places in regional Victoria.

Stories from the Regions