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ACMI Connect

What is ACMI Connect?

ACMI Connect is a single login for all of ACMI's online media, learning sites and projects. We know that you are often frustrated by having to remember many username and password combinations. ACMI Connect aims to minimise that problem when you are engaging with ACMI online.

You can currently use your ACMI Connect identity to sign in to:

ACMI Generator
15 Second Place 
Game Masters: The Game 

Some ACMI services do not support ACMI Connect:

Educators Lounge

ACMI Connect is not designed to be used with specific ACMI services such as ticketing, e-news subscriptions, membership or e-commerce functions. Other usernames and passwords must be maintained for these services; for more detail, please refer to instructions for that service.

Signing Up with ACMI Connect

In order to access some features, you must register or sign in. Once you have created an ACMI Connect identity, you can use that same username and password to immediately access any other site in the ACMI Connect family.

You can create an ACMI Connect identity from any site - there is no central place you need to go to manage your details, create, edit or delete your identity.

Generator Users

You were here first! That means you do not need to create a new identity for new projects or sites. Use your existing username and password if you choose to access ACMI's other projects and sites.

Terms of Use

Like everything here, your use of ACMI Connect is governed by the ACMI Terms of Use.


ACMI values your privacy, and ACMI Connect abides by our Privacy Statement

How does this relate to your Customer Database?

ACMI maintains a database of customer information in order to keep you up to date with its programs. This is used for printed mail as well as email. You will only be added to this database if you agreed to it during your original ACMI Connect signup. If you no longer want to receive this kind of communication use this form to remove yourself.

Can I opt-out?

You can opt out from ACMI Connect at any time. Sign in to any ACMI project site and use the user management tools to delete your account. Depending on the specific service, it may not automatically delete all publicly visible content attributed to you. If particular content is of concern let us know and we will endeavour to remove it.


We will terminate an ACMI Connect account if ACMI, in its absolute discretion, determines that the user has contravened the Terms of Use or any licence entered into by that user when using a site. This may include ACMI removing any content and/or terminating a user's access for uploading material. Play nicely please.

Why are there still different sign ins?

Ticketing and other commercial ACMI services involve credit cards and financial data: we did not want that mixed up with your video, images, stories, tags and comments. We do take the security of all user data equally seriously.

If you need more information about ACMI Connect please contact us

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