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Correspondence: From Víctor Erice to Abbas Kiarostami: 'Sea Mail', 10 August 2006 (Letter 7)
Courtesy of Nautilus Films S.L and Víctor Erice, commissioned by the CCCB and La Casa Encendida. 3:39 mins

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At the crossroads of the paths taken through this exhibition appears one work by two hands - a correspondence between the two filmmakers, Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami. This key work allows visitors to traverse the symmetry of the space, passing from the universe of the Spanish filmmaker into that of the Iranian filmmaker.

When Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami decided to begin this filmed correspondence they did so knowing that its result would be exhibited, and therefore their joint creation combines in an extraordinary way the intimacy of both filmmakers with the knowledge of its public exhibition. We are in the presence of an unprecedented three-way cinematic experience that simultaneously contains the direct addressee and the viewer.

The two filmmakers converse with images and words, using a simple, sustainable technology, thus conveying the common convictions, peculiarities, and forms of humanity and humour that they share.

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