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abbas kiarostami víctor erice
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Abbas Kiarostami   Víctor Erice

Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami were born a week apart, one in Spain and the other in Iran. Nothing in their lives or their countries of origin predestined them to tread parallel paths in their work; to have the same basic conception of the function of cinema, or the same uncompromising values of artistic creation. Their creative pathways meet for the first time in this exhibition, which is first and foremost a dialogue between two artists.

Visitors can choose to enter this exhibition from the Kiarostami side or the Erice side. The exhibition is symmetrical and reversible and, whichever direction is taken, the parallels between the works on show is evident, revealing the intuitive resonances between both artists' installations, photographs, fragments of films, painting and video works.

Images: (Left) Abbas Kiarostami, Untitled (1978-2003), Courtesy of Abbas Kiarostami and Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Turin (Right) Víctor Erice, Lifeline (2002) Courtesy of Víctor Erice, photo Jesús Umbría.

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