Wong Kar Wai, 129 mins, Hong Kong, 2004, 35mm, Cantonese, Mandarin with English subtitles. Courtesy: Hopscotch.

Something of a sequel to his earlier In the Mood for Love, Wong's quixotic film is a slow, mesmerising work, a fragmented narrative that revisits the life of Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) and lovers from his past and future.

Exquisitely photographed by Christopher Doyle and Pung-Leung Kwan, these labyrinthine segments manifest into a mood of loneliness and desperation.

Seeping with passion, tempestuousness and an undeniable heartache, this is almost a palimpsest of Wong's cinema. Featuring Maggie Cheung, Zhang Ziyi, Faye Wong, Chen Chang and Gong Li. Music by Shigeru Umebayashi.


Wed 14 Mar 2012, 9.20pm

    No Longer Available
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