By the Bluest of Seas

Unclassified 18+
Boris Barnet and Samed Mardanov, 71 mins, Soviet Union, 1936, 35mm, B&W, Russian with English subtitles. Courtesy: The Austrian Film Museum.

By the Bluest of Seas
By the Bluest of Seas
Often considered Barnet's masterpiece, this poetic musical depicts the desires and travails of a love quadrangle.

On a remote island, two young sailors compete for the affections of a beautiful young woman. However, she is faithful to a third man, off fighting in the Pacific.

Stunningly beautiful, in turns joyous and melancholy, Georgian filmmaker Otar Iosseliani has called the film a monument to 'desire & fidelity'.


Wed 26 Sep 2012, 7pm

    No Longer Available
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