Three Crowns of the Sailor

Unclassified 18+
Raúl Ruiz, 117 mins, France, 1983, 35mm, French with English subtitles. Source: L'Institut Francais. Courtesy: 35mm print courtesy of L'Institut Francais.

Three Crowns of the Sailor
Three Crowns of the Sailor

Over the course of a booze-soaked evening, a sailor (Jean-Bernard Guillard) begins to tell fellow wanderer (Philippe Deplanche) a hazy tale of life at sea, and zeros in on a romantically chilling story that is as confused and wistful as its drunken narrator.

Thus, the audience is drawn into this muddled imaginary landscape which Ruiz fills with signs, symbols, letters, forms of currency, impenetrable aphorisms and confoundingly beautiful imagery, inviting us to succumb to the whims of this poetic hallucination.

Exquisitely shot by Sacha Vierny.

Dates   Wed 3 Oct 2012, 9.15pm
    No Longer Available
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