Genealogies of a Crime

Unclassified 18+
Raúl Ruiz, 113 mins, France, 1997, 35mm, French with English subtitles. Source: L'Institut Francais. Courtesy: 35mm print courtesy of L'Institut Francais.

Genealogies of a Crime
Genealogies of a Crime
Solange (Catherine Deneuve), a notoriously unsuccessful lawyer, finds herself defending a young man charged with murdering Jeanne (also Deneuve), a famous psychoanalyst.

Delving into Jeanne's journals, Solange becomes lost in the intertwining stories and perspectives surrounding the murder. Full of probing formal and dramatic experiments, this constantly shifting and digressive murder mystery is also an audacious and satirical deconstruction of film noir, and a philosophically playful affront to the driving forces of conventional narrative, character and plot that prevail in classical Hollywood cinema.

With Michel Piccoli and Bernadette Lafont.

Dates   Wed 17 Oct 2012, 9.15pm
    No Longer Available
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