The Girl with the Hat Box

Unclassified 18+
Boris Barnet, 68 mins, Soviet Union, 35mm, B&W, Silent film with English intertitles. Courtesy: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia.

The Girl with the Hat Box
The Girl with the Hat Box
A girl (Anna Sten in an irresistable debut) is given a supposedly worthless lottery ticket instead of her wages.

Clearly betraying the influences of filmmakers such as Lubitsch and Chaplin, Barnet's first solo feature is a charming satire that draws upon the speed and effortless grace of silent-era American romantic comedy.

It reveals Barnet's 'genius for comedy high and low, a delight in the eccentricities of the Russian personality and a poetic touch with landscapes and cityscapes' (Michael Wilmington).


Wed 26 Sep 2012, 9.40pm

    No Longer Available
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