The House on Trubnaya

Unclassified 18+
Boris Barnet, 64 mins, Soviet Union, 1928, 35mm, B&W, Silent film with English intertitles. Courtesy: The British Film Institute.

The House on Trubnaya
The House on Trubnaya
A tenacious country girl arrives in Moscow with her pet goose in a bid to find her uncle and a new life.

Unsuccessful, she becomes employed as the maid of a barber and his harridan wife, in a bustling tenement building on Trubnaya Square. Her predicament livens up after a young man encourages her to join a workers' union.

Dazzling and often comic feats of montage and camera movement give whimsical and surreal direction to a serious tale about emerging class-consciousness.


Wed 26 Sep 2012, 8.25pm

    No Longer Available
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