Louvre City (La Ville Louvre)

Unclassified 18+
Nicolas Philibert, 85 mins, France, 1990, 35mm, French with English subtitles. Courtesy: I'Institut Francais.

Louvre City (La Ville Louvre)
Louvre City (La Ville Louvre)
Filmed over a period of five months, with five different cameramen, Philibert's intimate voyage focuses on the inner workings of the world's most famous museum.

Taking the form of one of the city symphonies of the 1920s, beginning at dawn and concluding at dusk, Philibert meticulously details - with wit and wonder - almost every aspect of the everyday routines of the hundreds of employees that work within the museum.

Philibert's vision blurs the boundaries between industrial and artistic labour, the prosaic and the sublime.

Dates   Wed 26 Oct 2011, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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