Lucky Luciano

Francesco Rosi, 105 mins, Italy, 1973, 35mm, Italian. Courtesy: BFI.

Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano

Beginning with Luciano's repatriation from the United States to Italy in 1946 after 10 years in jail for his Mafia-related activities, Rosi, a master of the noir-inflected docu-drama, constructs, in a mise en scène of customary brilliance, a mosaic of flashbacks and flash-forwards that suggest the intimate relation between the forces of law and criminality.

A tour-de-force of popular political cinema examining the corrupting influence of power, and featuring a stand-out cast including Gian Maria Volonté, Edmond O'Brien, Vincent Gardenia and Rod Steiger, this is one of Rosi's most important films.

Shot by Pasqualino De Santis.


Wed 9 May 2012, 9.15pm

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