A Man Escaped

Robert Bresson, 99 mins, France, 1956, 35mm, B&W, French, German. Courtesy: L'Institut Français.

A Man Escaped
A Man Escaped

A young member of the French Resistance is imprisoned and sentenced to death, but through his own intensely focused will manages to escape prison, merely hours before his execution.

Based on a true story, Bresson's most critically and commercially successful film recounts an exceptional story with acute attention to detail and fidelity to facts, and was shot in the prison where the actual events took place. The first script by Bresson (who himself had been imprisoned by the Germans) transcends all viewer expectations of a suspense thriller or prison escape film.

Winner of Best Director at Cannes in 1957.


Wed 11 Apr 2012, 7pm

    No Longer Available
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