Many Wars Ago

Unclassified 18+
Francesco Rosi, 97 mins, Italy, 1970, 35mm, Italian. Courtesy: Cineteca Nazionale.

Many Wars Ago
Many Wars Ago

Self funded, this is Rosi's angriest work. A gritty, realist World War I drama, based on Emilio Lussu's memoir of the Italian army's disastrous battles culminating in Caporetto, it is imbued with a vehement, in-the-trenches anti-militarism.

Alain Cuny stars as an upper class general who orders troops into a massacre against the Austro-Hungarians. Gian Maria Volonté and Mark Frechette are subordinates who must reconcile the necessity of obeying commands with the dictates of conscience. The film, like many others by Rosi, is an examination of class conflicts.

Featuring an insightful script co-written by Tonino Guerra and superb cinematography by Pasquale De Santis.


Wed 16 May 2012, 7pm

    No Longer Available
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