Robert Breer (1926-2011)

Unclassified 18+
Robert Breer, 81 mins, USA, 1954-89, 16mm. Courtesy: NFSA.

Robert Breer (1926-2011)
Robert Breer (1926-2011)
Robert Breer was a key figure of the postwar American avant-garde cinema.

Although mostly celebrated as an animator his work utilises an extraordinary array of techniques and approaches ranging from single-frame photography and collage to spray painting and rotoscoping. Breer's often abstract cinema is a riot of geometric forms and precise rhythm.

This program features many of Breer's most significant works including the remarkable autobiographical animation Fist Fight (1964), the breakthrough combination of live-action and animation Jamestown Baloos (1957), and such central later works as 69 (1968) & Fuji (1974).

Also screening: A Miracle (1954), Cats (1956), Recreation (1956), A Man and His Dog Out For Air (1957), Hommage to Jean Tinguely's 'Hommage to New York' (1960), Space (1960), Blazes (1961), Horse Over Tea Kettle (1962), Breathing (1963), Fist Fight (1964), 66 (1966), Rubber Cement (1976) and A Frog on a Swing (1989).


Wed 7 Mar 2012, 9.10pm

    No Longer Available
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