david shea: the art of (sampled) memory 2

Image: David Shea

David Shea, Michael Fairlie (ACMI Collections expert and video artist) and Kristi Monfries (video and visual artist), 2004

Renowned international composer David Shea is back at ACMI with evocative new electronic collages of sound and image.

The History of Erotica

A slice of the development of erotic imagery - from the decadent 20s and the burlesque of the 50s, to the development of free love movements and the birth of 70s porn.


A tribute to the little-known 60s and 70s Canadian experiemental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, whose work mixes found footage, with photos, shot footage and interviews.

Sita's Walk of Fire

Based on a section of the Ramayana cycle, this work focuses on how Sita, the goddess of the Earth, proves her purity by walking through a wall of fire.

How To Live

Drawing from educational, industrial and commercial films, this look at social conditioning considers how images fill our lives with meaning, from birth to death.

David Shea has achieved critical international attention through his sophisticated and engaging explorations of film music. His work emerges out of electronic and acoustic traditions exploring the interconnections between styles, histories and mediums with single pieces containing multiple layerings of compositional methods, electronic and acoustic orchestrations.

Dates   Friday 20 August 2004, 8pm & Saturday 21 August 2004, 8pm
Admission   Full $15 Concession $12
  • part of live @ acmi

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