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 image of robert de niro in raging bull
Robert De Niro in Raging Bull

Thursday 24 March - Tuesday 5 April 2005

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic Raging Bull, ACMI is proud to present a season of De Niro classics, rarities and gems.

Brought to the screen by Brian De Palma, galvanized by Francis Ford Coppola and immortalised by Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro has brought his intense passion and animal magnetism to a staggering range of iconic characters.

Embracing genres from gangster, to comedy and heartfelt drama, the New York born actor is renowned for his intensive approach to performance.

With songs dedicated to him and drinks named after him, De Niro recently ranked #1 in Empire (UK) magazine's 'The Greatest Living Actor (Gods Among Us)' list, emerging as the singular actor who had most affected readers' lives.
Curated by Clare Stewart and Kristy Matheson. 

thumbnail for raging bull

raging bull

After 25 years and countless critics top ten polls, Scorsese's black and white boxing biopic is still nothing short of remarkable.

thumbnail for bloody mama

bloody mama

Robert De Niro plays the psychotic drug-abusing Lloyd in Roger Corman's low-budget sensationalist B-pic about the depression-era matron Ma Barker.

image from mean streets

mean streets

The film that marked the beginnings of the partnership between Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese and their fascination with the underworld genre.

thumbnail for king of comedy

king of comedy

A change of pace for Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, The King of Comedy is a surreal, tragi-comedy that explores the social hunger for fame.

thumbnail for meet the parents

meet the parents

In one of his most loved recent roles, De Niro is hilarious as the uptight, obsessive ex CIA man, Jack Byrnes in Jay Roach's, Meet the Parents.

thumbnail for greetings


Robert De Niro, in one of his earliest roles, plays the longhaired sidekick who assists his best friend in flunking his army physical.

thumbnail for taxi driver

taxi driver

Robert De Niro's performance as Travis Bickle is a commanding portrait of a solitary man buckling under the weight of mental illness and modern life.

thumbnail for awakenings


Penny Marshall's moving real life drama won Robert De Niro a National Board of Review award for his amazing life-affirming performance.

thumbnail for midnight run

midnight run

Ex cop turned bounty hunter Jack Walsh (Robert De Niro) sets off to find an FBI bail jumper and crooked mafia accountant.

thumbnail for goodfellas


Martin Scorsese's masterful gangster epic features Robert De Niro as Jimmy Conway, the man with the know-how to make himself and his cohorts rich.

thumbnail for once upon a time in america

once upon a time in america

Once Upon A Time In America finds De Niro in his most familiar and loved genre, playing Jewish gangster David 'Noodles' Aarnson.

cape fear

cape fear

A thriller played out by Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte, Scorsese's remake of the 1962 classic displays his unquestionable talent as a director.

thumbnail for analyze this

analyze this

In a humorous parody of his trademarked gangster image, Robert De Niro plays Paul Vitti, a tough mobster undergoing some 'emotional issues'.

thumbnail from a bronx tale

a bronx tale

Robert De Niro's first feature as director is full of the intimate observations of someone lovingly portraying his own neighbourhood on screen.

thumbnail for heat


Reunited on screen for the first time since The Godfather II, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino embark on a slick game of cat-and-mouse in Heat.

thumbnail for hi mom!

hi mom!

Robert De Niro is a Vietnam veteran living in Greenwich Village who begins making 'peep art' movies for a porn king by filming his neighbours.

thumbnail for casino


Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (Robert De Niro) is a career casino boss whose life is turned inside out when he falls in love with an ex call girl.

thumbnail for the deer hunter

the deer hunter

The Deer Hunter is a stark representation of the horrors of war and the fall-out experienced by a small town once the war has taken its toll.

image from the godfather II

the godfather II

Winning Robert De Niro his first Oscar for the role of the young Vito Corleone, The Godfather II is an undoubted cinema classic.

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