Castaway with Wesley Burt

MA 15+

Castaway with Wesley Burt
Castaway with Wesley Burt
Wesley Burt has made his mark on the international design stage working with one of the most successful design studios for videogames and film, Massive Black.

Burt has a portfolio that boasts a range of high-profile projects, including the Fallout game franchise, all four Transformer films, and work on various Lord of the Rings properties. The talented concept artist has also worked on projects with organisations from Microsoft and Sony, to Marvel, EA, and Capcom.

Based at Massive Black's San Francisco headquarters, Burt is in Australia as a guest of the agIdeas International Design Week.

Join us for a very special Desert Island Flicks as he discusses his character design and illustration work, his long standing passion for traditional arts, and of course his top five favourite films and why they have had such a lasting impact on him.

Dates   Thu 3 Apr 2014, 7pm
    No Longer Available
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