The Walt Disney Animation Research Library

Unclassified 15+

Lella Smith
Lella Smith
Lella Smith, Creative Director of the Walt Disney Animation Research Library and curator of the Dreams Come True exhibition, will discuss the history of the Library and the role it plays within the Studio as an archive, collection and resource.

Far from being a staid repository of artefacts, the Animation Research Library is an active resource for Disney's animators; a place where current artists can discover and learn from the methods of their predecessors.

Lella spends her days poring over and tending to the thousands of developmental artworks, drawings and notes made in the process of producing such classics as Snow White and Lady and The Tramp - a privilege which she undoubtedly never tires of.

Her insights into Disney's animation techniques and history of innovation should be both fascinating and revealing.

Presented by ACMI and Walt Disney Studios.

Image © Disney Enterprises, Inc

Dates   Sun 21 Nov 2010, 2pm
    No Longer Available
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