drifters, dreamers and cowboys country music on film

johnny cash at folsom prison
Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
Before the evolution of The Grand Ole Opry, Sun Studios and fashion statements, there were snake handlers, preacher men, lonesome drifters - and musicians.

Experience all the guitar-strumming, tobacco-chewing, penitentiary-living, whisky-drinking, highway-driving and hell-raising that is the true, broken heart of country music.

Saturday 27 December 2008 - Sunday 4 January 2009
Full $13 Concession $10

Curated by Richard Sowada, Kate Fitzpatrick, Lisa Palermo and Kate Welsman

Watch an interview with the producer of Heartworn Highways Graham Leader

johnny cash at folsom prison

Drawing from rare footage and interviews with participants a new film chronicles the concert that in no small part built the legend of Johnny Cash.

heartworn highways

Become a fly-on-the-wall in the bars, studios and barber shops that represent pure singer-songwriter Country.

searching for the wrong eyed jesus

Put your elbow out the passenger window and travel to the heart of the Deep South where fundamental religion, poverty and outlaw activity co-exist.

townes van zandt: be here to love me

A gentle and fascinating study of one of country music's great singer/songwriters.

fallen angel: gram parsons

This meticulously compiled documentary about trailblazing cross-over rock/country artist Gram Parsons mixtures live footage with intimate home movies.

nashville state of mind

Meet the musicians, troubadours and raconteurs of a new Nashville generation.

shakespeare was a big george jones fan

Hanging out with some of country's superstars and producing some of their greatest music, Jack Clement captured it all in stories and home movies.

live shenanigans

The movies are great but so are the sounds, so we're proud to present some fine live and local activity with DJs and actual, real life musicians!

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