Education Week 2012

Education Week 2012
Fantastical Inventions

This exciting free program explores the connections between imagination and technology. Inspired by the 'steampunk' genre, these films reveal a visually rich fantasy world imbued with the inventiveness of the Steam Age.

To complement the film programs, groups can also book a visit to the Screen Worlds exhibition, where students can explore the technology theme and take part in a short animation activity.
This event coincides with the final week of the William Kentridge: Five Themes exhibition. Teachers interested in introducing students to the work of this acclaimed animator can book a visit to accompany the cinema program.

Kinder/Prep - Year 2
Tues 22 May, 10am > The Lost Thing and Other Strange Contraptions
This 60 minute session of short films and clips focuses on machines, technology and the imagination. This program explores the themes of inventiveness and improvisation and aims to inspire students to think and work creatively.

Year 6 - Year 8
Thurs 24 May, 10am > The Golden Compass (PG)
Set in an alternative scientific and industrial universe filled with fantastical machines, The Golden Compass (Chris Weitz, 113 mins, UK/USA, 2007) features the spirited Lyra, owner of the magical golden compass - an instrument of truth. In her search for a lost friend, Lyra resists a powerful threat to the human capacity for independence and free will.

Year 9 - Year 10
Friday 25 May, 10am > Stardust (PG)
Stardust (Matthew Vaughn, 127 mins, UK/USA, 2007) is a stunning adaptation of Neil Gaiman's 'adult fairy tale' of the same name. As well as some grotesque witches and a fallen star transformed into a beautiful young woman, it features an extraordinary flying ship that travels through the clouds. A short introduction will focus on imaginative worlds, narrative and genre.

Education resources will be provided for each session with suggested approaches for related discussion and activities.

Please note bookings are now closed.

Presented in partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

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