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School group in Screen Worlds exhibits
  • Screen Worlds Education Visits

    Screen Worlds: The Story of Film, Television and Digital Culture is an exhibition spanning over 100 years of the moving image, from pre-cinematic objects and forms to today's immersive media.

    The exhibition contains 220 screen-based displays, over 30 hours of moving image content, including specially commissioned works, and fascinating artefacts and memorabilia.

    Screen Worlds gives students the opportunity to think critically about the moving image, to create work and manipulate its forms and to understand the integral role it plays in our lives.

    Free self-guided visits are available, or an educator can provide an introduction to the themes explored in the exhibition at a cost of $5 per student. Bookings are required for all education visits.

    In 2015 there are three options for your educator led visit, exploring the following themes;

    Introduction to Screen Worlds

    An ACMI Educator introduces students to our rich, engaging and interactive exhibition. Students are encouraged to find out about the arrival of cinema, make discoveries about the creation of Blinky Bill, play Pong, step into the world of The Matrix and try to explain the magic of our Zoetrope.

    Light and Light-based Technologies

    Light determines our connection to the natural and built environment and is fundamental to screen technologies, medical breakthroughs and scientific innovation, and meeting the challenge of a sustainable future. Artists use light, shade and colour to create mood and atmosphere in their works, from small-scale paintings to large-scale architectural installations. An ACMI Educator introduces students to light technologies that evoke emotional responses and contribute to storytelling. This program is designed for Secondary students. 

    The Science of the Moving Image

    Designed for Primary students, the program focuses on the relationship between the moving image and the human body – the brain, senses and emotions.

    Guided by an ACMI Educator, students conduct a scientific report based on a trail through Screen Worlds where they observe, predict and discover how the brain makes sense of moving images. A hands-on activity gives students the opportunity to test their observations on the connection between science and the moving image experience.

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