School Programs

Years 9 and 10

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run

These programs have been tailored to suit students Years 9 and 10. We also have a range of City Experience activities for Year 9 students.

Bookings are essential for all school programs. To make a booking, select a program.

For more information, email ACMI Education.


> Be Kind Rewind
> Romeo + Juliet
> Run Lola Run
> Satellite Boy
> Tomorrow, When the War Began
> The Hunger Games


> Gothic Imagination
> Pop, Rock and Persuasion
> Teens on Screens
> The Horror Film
> View and Think plus Walk the Talk
> What Makes a Great Videogame?


> 15 Second Place
> Fast Forward
> Film It
> Make a Live TV Show
> Producing Sci-Fi
> Set the Scene

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