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animation competition

Make a flip book out of sticky notes

image of hand flipping the flipbook
Lights, Camera, Action © Lucas Balmer

A flip book is a very simple animation tool. The pages feature a sequence of drawings or photographs. When they're flipped through the fingers, it creates the illusion of a moving image.

To celebrate Eyes, Lies & Illusions at ACMI, we invite you to create a flip book animation using just a pad of yellow sticky notes.

Send us your flip book and you could be the winner of an Animation Dream Pack valued at over $400 from the ACMI Shop, which includes the collectible Warner Bros Draw the Looney Tunes, animation DVDs and Eyes, Lies & Illusions exhibition merchandise. We'll also animate the winning flip book and put it online.

Instructions for making your flip book are below. For a bit of inspiration, take a look at the animation of Lights, Camera, Action! and discover more about flip books in resources.

How to make your flip book

Step One
Grab a yellow sticky note pad. It should have about 100 notes in it. That's 100 drawings and about 12 seconds of animation. If you want to do less, that's ok.

Step Two
Come up with a character or an object that can undergo a transformation or move in some way. Something simple is best, as you'll need to draw lots of variations.

Step Three
Draw your first picture on the note at the bottom of the pad.

Step Four
Go to the next blank note. The first picture should be visible through the paper. Redraw the picture, but this time incorporate the first change that will start your story. You might like to use tracing paper to help you accurately transfer the image.

exerpt from lights, camera, action

Step Five
Keep working your way up the pad, altering your drawing a little each time to transform or move your subject.

Step Six
You've finished. Flip the 'pages' of your pad between the fingers to reveal your story. Now send your sticky note flip book to:
Eyes, Lies & Illusions Animation Competition
PO Box 14
Flinders Lane
Victoria Australia 8009

Entries close 5pm Tuesday 31 January 2007. Please read terms and conditions below.  

More inspiration

Eyes, Lies & Illusions Animation Competition Terms and Conditions

ACMI requires that all entries be the original handdrawn work and property of the entrant. By submitting an entry, the entrant warrants that the work does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties.
2. All entries become the property of ACMI. The entrant grants ACMI the right to reproduce the work at no charge in ACMI publications and/or on its website.
3. ACMI reserves the right to disqualify from the competition any entry that it deems unsuitable for publication.
4. Entrants will be credited for any published use. Personal details other than names and suburbs will not be published (see our privacy policy).
5. Only winners will be notified personally.

6. Entries will not be returned, but collection from ACMI can be arranged after competition closes.
7. ACMI will take all care, but will accept no responsibility for loss or damage of an entry.

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