panel discussion on vision and perception

Have you ever mistaken your wife for a hat? Scientists use perceptual phenomena to investigate the mechanisms of the brain. Similarly, visual artists take advantage of perceptual phenomena as aesthetic and conceptual tools in the creation of artworks.

Join our panel of artists and scientists including holographic artist Martina Mrongovius, artist and curator Shiralee Saul, vision scientist Dr Simon Cropper, Marcello Costa, Professor of Neurophysiology and Chair of the South Australian Institute of Neuroscience, and Teresa Crea to get inside the 'mind's eye' and explore the art and science of how we see what we see.

Supported by SANI (South Australian Institute of Neuroscience)

Dates   Sun 19 Nov 2006, 2pm
Admission   Free (with exhibition admission) but seats limited: collect a ticket on the day of event.
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