Mad Men & Wilder Women: Focus on Billy Wilder ACMI Presents

The Apartment

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C.C. Baxter is a man on the up but he’s still got problems. To gain his bosses favour he lets them use his apartment for affairs. He’s infatuated with Fran (Shirley MacLaine), the beguiling elevator operator who is unfortunately unavailable. Soon, his quest for career advancement and love become impossibly intertwined in this five-time Academy Award-winner. 

After Some Like It Hot was released the year prior, without Motion Picture Code approval, the stage was set for better representation of women in film. Many in the industry considered the success of Some Like It Hot, which also won an Academy Award for costume, as the death knell for the restrictive production code.

The Apartment contributed to this idea, noteworthy for featuring women characters with sex lives, financial independence, agency, and there are no serious reprisals for what a few years earlier could have been considered “questionable morality”.

By the time The Apartment was released, juxtapositions of good and evil, right and wrong, good girls and femme fatales had been well and truly blurred.

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