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Transit & the Films of Christian Petzold

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“The most critically celebrated director of post-1989 Germany...[Christian] Petzold's cinema seismically registers the tectonic shifts in Germany and in contemporary society in general .”

Senses of Cinema

From Silver Bear-winner Christian Petzold comes Transit (2018), the standalone final installment in the director's ‘Love in Times of Oppressive Systems’ trilogy.

Petzold is a key figure in what is referred to as the Berlin School of film-making. Emerging in the early 90s, this movement saw German directors making intimate, yet emotionally restrained films, which privileged atmosphere over narrative impetus. The Berliner Schule is sometimes said to have arisen as a counterpoint to German romantic comedies of the 80s.

On Petzold specifically, the Film Society Lincoln Center says, "[his] films are like no one else's. At once intricately engaged with the real world and steeped in film history, they radically reimagine such genres as film noir, thriller, melodrama, and the spy drama, offering narrative mysteries, enigmatic protagonists... an incomparable sense of atmosphere and style, and surprising links between Germany's turbulent past and its fragile present."

Transit is presented alongside earlier 'trilogy' films Phoenix (2014) and Barbara (2012), as well as The State I Am In (2000), an early career feature co-written with his long-standing creative collaborator, the late Harun Farocki.

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