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Have You Seen My Movie?

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“A thoroughly engrossing two hours of cinephile joy”

Silent London

Told entirely with found footage, Have You Seen My Movie? is a love letter to the magic and power of cinematic experiences as shared by strangers in the dark.

From the audience members’ rush to get seats to the cool command of the projectionist in the booth, director Paul Anton Smith tells the story of movie-going by turning the camera back on the audience.

Iconic and obscure scenes from over a thousand movies of every genre, spanning 80 years of cinema, hold up a mirror to all of the romance, mystery, and mayhem of our collective imaginations.

Have You Seen My Movie? is Smith's debut feature film and was first shown at the BFI London Film Festival (2016).  Previously, he was Assistant Editor of Christian Marclay's The Clock (2010).

Australian premiere

Please join us after the screening for a very special discussion with Director Paul Anton Smith.