Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2019 ACMI + HRAFF present

Becoming Colleen + Q&A

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85-year-old Colleen Young lights up the screen as she recounts a remarkable life as a police officer, husband, father, film projectionist — and octogenarian transwoman. Though Colleen knew herself to be transgender from childhood, her upbringing in the conservative, working class, coastal town of Coffs Harbour, NSW prevented her from becoming the woman she was meant to be. Recently winning the Audience Award at Mardi Gras Film Festival, Becoming Colleen follows its dazzling star, now in her 80s, as she embarks on a journey to finally show the world her true self. A story of love, family, understanding and, most importantly, finding the shoe that fits.

Join us for a post film Q&A with director Ian W Thomson, Brenda Appleton (Chair of Transgender Victoria) and Sandra Pankhurst, whose own story was told in the 2017 biography The Trauma Cleaner.