BIRRARANGGA Film Festival ACMI + BFF present

Kyindoo Wilam 2 - Learning Place

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A selection of childrens animations from across the globe. Suitable for all ages.

This is a place where kids can come and ngalampa (sit), yana-bul ngarnga-dha (hearing/listening) and learn together. 

This session is classified as Unclassified All Ages.

Films screening in this session


Director: Dinazar Urbina (Nuu sávi) | 2017 | Mexico | 11 mins 37 secs | Spanish | Mixtec | English subtitles

Carmen and her grandparents live in Oaxaca´s Mixtec region. When a drought threatens her family’s livelihood, Carmen finds a practical - yet profound - way to make it rain.


Maap Mordak 

Director: Dot West (Nyoongar) | 2015 | Australia | 6 mins | English | Nyoongar | English subtitles

A distraught young girl, confused about her own identity, finds answers and comfort from an unlikely source.



Director: Kimberley West (Nyoongar) | 2015 | Australia | 9 mins | English | Kriol | English subtitles

It was a silent, lifeless land until the Naji, the spirit beings came out of the ocean and woke up the country as they moved across the land in search of fresh water to survive.


Ochiskwacho (SACRED BEING)

Director: Jules Koostachin  (Cree)| 2018 | Canada | 15 mins | English

When the Ochiskwacho, a sacred being who is a spiritual messenger, visits Kokoom, an elderly (spiritually ailing) Two-Spirit woman, chemist make a difficult decision. Will she stay with her grandchildren or follow the Ochiskwacho?


Two Giants Story

Director: Alan Nash (Ngaanyatjarra) | 2018 | Australia | 12 mins | Ngaanyatjarra | Ngaatjatjara | English subtitles

In this episode of Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) ‘Bed Time Stories’ Nellie Roberts tells the story of Tjangara Kutjarratjarra (Two Giants), in the Ngaanyatjarra language.


Inuk Hunter

Director: George Annanack (Inuk) | 2016 | Canada | 4 mins | Inuit | English subtitles

A poetic and contemplative film about an Inuk man hunting for northern lights with his camera.


Megwetch Kiayashk (Thank You Seagulls)

Director: Jolène Chartrand & Austin Delaronde (Saulteaux) | 2016 | Canada | 5 mins | English

Gull egg collection has been a Saulteaux tradition for centuries. Elaine Ferland, who was mayor of Duck Bay for more than ten years, continues her passion for this harvest and tries to share it with the new generations to continue this tradition. Each year, she brings young people with her to harvest and eat seagull eggs.



Director: Sammy Gadbois (Inuk) | 2016 | Canada | 4 mins | English

A video essay about the perspective of a teenager on his hometown.