ACMI presents

The Little Witch

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“Karoline Herfurth's enchantingly charming performance and the imaginative magic effects ensure child-friendly entertainment for the whole family”

This little witch (Karoline Herfurth) has a big problem: she is only 127 years old which means she is much too young to dance on Brocken Mountain with the other witches on Walpurgis Night. So she decides to sneak into the most important of all witches' dances and unsurprisingly is caught out immediately! As punishment, she must learn all 7,892 spells in the great book of magic within a year.

But hard work and ambition are not exactly the little witche's strong points. And on top of that, the evil witch Rumpumpel (Suzanne von Borsody) is trying every which way to prevent the little witch from achieving her almost impossible goal. Together with her talking raven Abraxas, the little witch endeavors to find out what makes a good witch. And it is here where she puts the entire witches' world to the test...

Since its publication 60 years ago, Otfried Preussler's The Little Witch has been enchanting generations of children. Translated into 47 languages, this beloved book has sold more than five million copies worldwide. This is the first live-action adaptation.