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Lots of Kids, a Monkey and a Castle

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“A film that overflows with affection, warmth and humor”

Eccentric octogenarian Julita Salmerón rules her family from a castle brimming with boxes of strange mementos and questionable memorabilia, including the vertebrae of her murdered grandmother lost somewhere in the house. But her kingdom comes undone when the Spanish economy collapses and downsizing is inevitable. Her family, along with filmmaker son Gustavo Salmerón, must scramble to find a solution in this charming portrait of an eccentric matriarch.

A recent film festival favourite from Karlovy-Vary to San Francisco, filmmaker and actor Gustavo Salmerón has done a spot of culling himself, crafting an affectionate ode to his Almodovarian-eccentric family from over 400 hours of Super-8 footage.

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