ACMI and IKEA present

Make Room for Life

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In the near future, mixed reality tech is set to impact everything from storytelling and films to communication and shopping. Right now, it’s teleporting from science-fiction cinema to your home with a quick detour to our new Future Lab.

Visitors to the Make Room for Life exhibition will be among the first in Australia to try IKEA Place, a new app that utilises Apple’s ARKit to combine the virtual and the real via augmented reality (AR), inspiring people to confidently use AR and share how good design can transform a living space.   

The exhibition will draw on an understanding of how people live at home, sensory elements, AR and inspiration to illuminate how technology is impacting the way Australians use their living room today, and how we might live in this space in the future. Stop wondering how a new piece of furniture would look in your home – find out with 3D images true to scale that’ll fit your real-world environment. 

In Make Room for Life, experience one of the first instances of AR pushing the boundaries of everyday use and explore how this technology is on the verge of revolutionising our interactions with the world.

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