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Enhance your students’ language learning, intercultural understanding and media analysis with the 2020 MIFF Schools program.

MIFF Schools is an initiative by the Melbourne International Film Festival to enrich the cinema experience for younger viewers and, along with the full MIFF program, this year's school program will be viewable online.

This year's program takes in five films featuring Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish and French languages.

The program will be viewable 3 - 17 September. Check out the trailers below and complete the online form to register your class for one (or more!) films from the 2020 program.

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Bento Harassment

A woman who's trying to connect with her sullen teenage daughter resorts to food based annoyance as a means to get her to communicate. She begins to make her childish themed bento boxes designed to embarrass her at school. 

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dir. Renpei Tsukamoto  |  Japanese language  |  suitable for ages 10+

Los Lobos

A young mother, Lucia, and her two sons have emigrated from Mexico to Florida under the guise of taking a trip to Disneyland. While Lucia works menial jobs during the day the boys are left inside the apartment where they have to entertain themselves. There are beautiful moments of animation that augment the imagination of the two boys as they try and make sense of their new surroundings.

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dir. Samuel Kishi  | Spanish language  | suitable for ages 15+

Marona's Fantastic Tale

Marona is a puppy in a litter who is given away and subsequently passed from owner to owner. The film begins with her death and the rest is a flashback over her life. Really spectacular animation in this one.

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dir. Anca Damian |  French language | suitable for ages 10+


Nevia is set in a rough area in Naples. The titular Nevia and her little sister live with their grandmother (their father is in jail) who is involved in local crime. Nevia makes every effort to protect her sister from the nefarious activities of their grandmother and to ultimately break free of the family all together. To that end she joins the local circus - the actor who plays Nevia is a former acrobat and the the story is loosely based on the director's own life.

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dir. Nunzia De Stefano | Italian language | suitable for ages 14+

White Snake

The film is a fantasy animation based on a traditional Chinese fable called The Legend of the White Snake. It tells the story of a snake demon, Bianca, who loses her memory and falls in love with a snake hunter which in turn incurs the wrath of her sister, a green snake demon. Gorgeous animation.

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dir. Ji Zhao, Amp  Wong |  Mandarin language  | suitable for ages 12+