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Mikey and Nicky

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For her third outing as director, May made the bold decision to break away from comedy and try her hand at a more “serious” tone: a gritty, naturalistic underworld drama set on the mean streets of ’70s New York.

May’s direction and script draw out intense, complex performances from John Cassavetes and Peter Falk as a pair of bungling lowlifes trying to escape retribution from the Mob.

Major production troubles, paired with the film’s poor initial critical and box-office reception, brought a sudden halt to May’s burgeoning career before she returned with Ishtar ten years later.

With Ned Beatty.

During ACMI's redevelopment, Melbourne Cinémathèque screenings will take place at The Capitol. For maps and accessibility information see ACMI Cinemas during closure.

Screenings will commence slightly earlier at 6.30pm.