Mother Tongue

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A selection of Australian shorts celebrating the UN year for Indigenous Languages, curated by Artistic Director of Winda Film Festival (NSW) Pauline Clague. 

Please note this session is Unclassified 18+.

Films screening in this session


Director: Kimberly West (Nyoongar) | 2017 | Australia | 12 mins | English | Yawuru | English Subtitles

During the incoming tide, two young boys find themselves stranded on the sandbar, lost to their people forever. Marrimarrigun, the giant spirit, returns them to their people as men.


Never Stop Riding 

Director: Peter Mungkuri, Alec Baker, Kunmanara (Jimmy) Pompey | 2017 | Country | 10 mins | Yankunytjatjara | Pitjantjatjara | English | English Subtitles

Alec Baker, Peter Mungkuri and Mr Kunmanara Pompey are three senior artists and respected leaders from Indulkana community on the APY Lands, SA. As young men, they were renowned stockmen and in 2017 they coordinated a men’s camp at the local cattle station. Influenced by their ongoing love for cowboy and western films and country music, they created their own spaghetti western: Never Stop Riding.



Director: Curtis Taylor & Nathan Mewett | 2018 | Australia | 13 mins | Martu Wangka

A young Aboriginal man helps his disabled brother escape from their abusive life in a remote Australian Aboriginal community with the aid of a Mamu (Dreaming Creature).


Niminjarra Songline 

Director: Curtis Taylor | 2018 | Australia | 10 mins | Warnman

"Niminjarra" is a story owned by Warnman people of the Great Sandy Desert in WA. Two young men transformed themselves into snakes to make their way home from law ceremony to their mother in the west. They were pursued by “Niminjarra” spirit beings all the way to Lake Dora.


The Riji Carver 

Directors: Nigel Abbott (Nyoongar)  & Kimberley West (Nyoongar) | 2015 | Australia | 24 mins | English | Kriol |English Subtitles

Aubrey Tigan is an renowned pearl shell carver whose work is informed from his homelands, the islands of the Bucaneer archipelago, a place the missionaries removed him from as a young boy.  Aubrey takes his grandchildren on his last journey to their country to try and imprint the stories of the country and his art to the young grandchildren before it is too late.


Tjawa Tjawa 

Director: Mark Moora (Kukatja, Ngarti) | 2015 | Australia | 11 mins | Kukatja | English Subtitles

"Tjawa Tjawa" is a Ngarti traditional story told in Kukatja language about a group of women who travelled from Roebourne in the northwest of Western Australia to the Great Sandy Desert south of Balgo in search of husbands.


Owl Story 

Director: Kiara Bailey (Anmatyerr) | 2018 | Australia | 6 mins 30 secs | Anmatyerr | Anmatyerre | Anmatjerre | Anmatjer

This film is part of Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) ‘Our Bedtime Stories’ consisting of 20 cultural, bedtime stories for children delivered in Indigenous languages. In this episode April Campbell tell the Owl Story in Anmatjere as a children’s story with sand drawings.

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