Agnès Varda: Life is Art ACMI Presents

Mur Murs

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“Mur Murs bears the marks of an artist fascinated by her surroundings.”

From 1967-69, Agnès Varda and Jacques Demy lived in Los Angeles. During this time, Varda made her groundbreaking feature, Lions Love (..and Lies), and the shorts, Black Panthers and Uncle Yanco.

Varda loved the city and in 1980-81, she returned with her son Mathieu Demy. Separated temporarily from her husband Jacques, she embarked on Mur Murs and Documenteur, two intersecting films that examine the city from an outsider's perspective and the life of an outsider in the city respectively.

In her travels around Los Angeles, Varda became fascinated with the murals that adorn the city. From political protest and artistic tribute to laments for lost love, the murals (and their creators) offer an alternate history of the city and its inhabitants.

The diversity of the city comes to the fore as mural artists from various walks speak to Varda about their work and the community that inspires it. From Latino street gangs to a wedding shop owner who dreamed of immortalising his love sky high, Mur Murs offers a warmth and neutrality to a space that is so often charged with political and social assumptions.

Official Selection Un certain regard - Cannes Film Festival (1981)