Asia TOPA 2020 Arts Centre Melbourne, ACMI and Victorian College of the Arts present

The Mysterious Lai Teck

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“Eerie and unnerving.”

Arts Equator

To the majority of the world, Lai Teck was the leader of the Malayan Communist Party from 1939 to 1947. His other life as a triple agent, working for the French, British and Japanese secret police, only came to light after his death in 1947... and that's if you believe he really died.

Acclaimed Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen guides you into Lai Teck's labyrinthine underworld in this evocative and haunting tale of lies and counter-lies, espionage and treachery. Richly theatrical, it is a snapshot of the shifting face of Southeast Asia in the Age of Treason.

Post show Q&A

Featuring Ho Tzu Nyen

Date: Thursday 5 March
Time: 7pm
Moderator: Fiona Trigg

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