The Reality of Humanity

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The Reality of Humanity shorts program explores darker themes that address some of the hard truths faced by our communities.

Please note this session is classified as Unclassified 15+. Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Films screening in this session

My Brother Mitchell

Director & Writer: Todd Karehana (Ngāti Awa, Te Arawa, Ngāti Ranginui, Ngāti Rangi) | 2017 | Aotearoa, New Zealand | 15 mins | English | Te Reo Maori | English Subtitles

Struggling with the tragic death of his brother, a young boy makes an extreme decision to take his brother’s body on a long journey away from grief and the imminent burial.


My Boy

Director: Sage (Ojibway) | 2018 | Canada | 25 mins | English

Colton Pratt, a young two-spirit man who went missing in 2014 reminds us about the large number of Indigenous men who are missing or murdered. Told from his mother’s honest and emotional perspective, this documentary is a loving portrait of a courageous man whose puzzling and heartbreaking disappearance remains unresolved.


The Grave Digger Of Kapu

Director: Libby Hakaraia (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Kapumanawawwhiti) | 2018 | Aotearoa, New Zealand | 15 mins 50 secs | English | Maori

The last gravedigger in a Maori community struggles to find a younger man to whom he can pass on his skills and knowledge. When he meets a seemingly ideal candidate, the younger man must rise not only to the physical but also spiritual and emotional challenges and responsibilities of becoming a gravedigger.


Jackrabbit (Peh’tra)

Director: Jesse Littlebird (Laguna, Kewa Pueblos) | 2017 | USA | 15 mins | English | Keres | English subtitles

Jackrabbit is a short film drama about an indigenous boy who questions who he is growing up isolated from any sense of community. Through his instinctive running and a deepening relationship with his uncle, the boy begins to discover his cultural identity through his lineage. His uncle has come back to the Rez looking for him after receiving a disturbing drunken phone message from the boy’s dad who is the uncle’s brother. The uncle encounters the boy running like a scared animal seemingly in no clear direction away from the world in which he lives.


My Friend Michael Jones

Directors & Writers: Ian Leaupepe (Samoan) & Samson Rambo (Samoan) | 2018 | Aotearoa, New Zealand | 15mins | English | Samoan | English subtitles

My Friend Michael Jones is a short film drama set in Otara, featuring an eclectic ensemble of Polynesian characters dealing with issues relating to anxiety disorder, bullying and suicide prevention. The story is about a high school misfit with severe OCD who forms an unlikely friendship with a popular classmate through a shared passion for music and dance. Ultimately, the film is an uplifting tale which promotes the theme of 'acceptance'.


I'm Not Next

Director: Tristan Greyeyes (Muskeg Lake Cree Nation) | 2019 | Canada | 9mins | English

A young Indigenous mother is running away from an abusive relationship with her daughter. They leave for their reserve. She realizes she is always a target for violence. This is when she decides to fight back. Will it be enough to get home?

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